Should you treat your apartment like it’s your home?

Absolutely, yes–you should treat your apartment like it’s your home. But only insofar as you allow yourself to relax and decorate it according to your taste. The fact is, your rental apartment is someone else’s property, so you can’t treat it like it’s your home to where you make construction modifications and other changes that weren’t authorized by your landlord.

happy young couple paint in green and blue color white wall of their new home

But if your landlord allows, and if you so desire, go ahead and paint the walls to colors that you prefer. Yes, you’re likely going to have to paint them back to the original colors when you move out, but if you can afford it, just hire someone to do both jobs. You’re going to be living here for however long, so you absolutely should try to make it your own place while you live there. Hopefully you don’t have a landlord who makes you feel like you have to walk on egg shells being extra careful not to get a scratch on the wall.

Home is where the heart is

It’s important for you to feel like you’re at home where you live. Your apartment shouldn’t feel like it’s just a place you’re renting till whenever. You have to go home every day. You want to feel “at home” when you go home. You want to feel a certain amount of freedom to make the place where you live be what you want it to be, even when you’re renting.

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