Francesca’s bedroom ACME Vendome Gold Patina Queen Bed

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Francesca is right now lying on her ACME Vendome Gold Patina Queen Bed. You can’t see her, but she’s there. She’s reading an erotic novel but she’s not enjoying it. It’s utter and complete nonsense. That’s what she’s thinking. The story has no charm to it. Francesca’s kitty Dahlia is lounging on the chaise. It’s a Friday night.The room, as you can see, is immaculate. You might be wondering why, if you can see the room, you can’t see Francesca or her kitty Dahlia. The reason is beyond my capacity to explain. You’ll just have to trust that Francesca is in fact lying onon her ACME Vendome Gold Patina Queen Bed, and her kitty Dahlia is lying on the matching chaise.

Francesa has only just recently purchased the bed and chaise along with the dresser, night stand and the other items you see. She likes to change up her bedroom every couple of months. Fortunately she’s wealthy and can afford the expense. And some lucky person will receive this gorgeous collection of Acme furniture when she changes up her bedroom next. She always gives the items away.

And she’s very involved in the process. She doesn’t trust charities so she doesn’t donate the items. She has a team of people who find families in need and every couple of months a lucky family receives a complete bedroom set. Wouldn’t you love to get your hands on these pieces of Acme furniture in Francesa’s bedroom? If you’re wealthy like Francesca, you can shop Acme furniture on

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